The serial number (Vehicle Identification Number) was stamped on a plate on the inner vertical surface of the left windshield pillar visible through the windshield.

Coupe: 1G1YY0789G5100001 - 1G1YY0789G5127794
Convertible: 1G1YY6789G5900001 - 1G1YY6789G5907315

Position Character Descriptions:
1 1 US built
2 G General Motors product
3 1 Chevrolet Motor Division vehicle
4 Y Type of restraint system
5 Y Corvette car line series
6-7 07 Body style number: two-door hatchback coupe
6-7 67 Body style number: two-door convertible
8 8 5.7-liter Tuned-Port-Injection Chevrolet or GM of Canada V8
9 ? A check digit that calculates the characters in the serial number and gives it a single digit code and can be used to verify that the serial number is legitimate
10 G The model year where 1986
11 5 Bowling Green, KY
12-17   100001 and up production sequence for coupes
12-17   900001 and up production sequence for convertibles

Engine serial number began 0001001. Corvette engines have the last six digits of the VIN stamped on the block just ahead of the cylinder head on the right-hand side combined with a three-letter engine code suffix. Also cast into the top rear of the block is a four-symbol code indicating when the engine was built. The first letter of the date code shows the month the block was cast. The last digit shows the year.

Code Engine


Compression Transmission Fuel Supply Extra features
9.5:1 THM Automatic Tuned
Cast iron cylinder heads, Engine oil cooler
DKC manual Cast iron cylinder heads
DKH THM Automatic Cast iron cylinder heads, engine oil cooler
DKB Manual Cast iron cylinder heads, engine oil cooler


THM Automatic Aluminum cylinder heads, engine oil cooler
ZJH THM automatic Aluminum cylinder heads
ZKD THM Automatic Aluminum cylinder heads
ZJW Manual Aluminum cylinder heads, engine oil cooler
ZKA Manual Aluminum cylinder heads


RPO # Description Quantity Price
1YY07 Base Corvette Coupe 27,794 $27,027
1YY67 Base Corvette Convertible 7,315 $32,032
1AA Processing Option: Retail Amenities Delete    
1AY Processing Option: Stock Orders,    
1SA Merchanidising Option: Package - Option no 01,    
1SB Marked Option Package 2    
24S Removable Roof Panel - Blue Tint 12,021 $595
4001ZA Malcolm Conner Special Edition Paint (1986) 50 $500
64S Removable Roof Panel - Bronze Tint 7,819 $595
A42 Standard Leather Seats    
A51 Canceled, Seat Front Bucket Strato    
AC1 Power Passenger Seat    
AC3 Power Driver Seat    
AG1 Power Driver Seat    
AG2 Power Passenger Seat    
AG9 Power Driver Seat 33,983 $225
AJ3 Airbag Restraint System    
AQ9 Sports Seats - Cloth (1984)    
AQ9 Sports Seats - Leather 13,372 $1025
AR9 Base Seats - Leather   $400
AS8 Manual Restraint Seats    
AS9 Sports Seats - Cloth    
AU3 Power Door Locks 34,215 $175
B16 Processing Option    
B1X Optional Steering Gear Ratio    
B2B Components of Z52 Sport Handling Package    
B2K Callaway Twin-Turbo    
B3W Advance Price Sheet    
B4M Vehicle, Custom Feature Package    
B4P Radiator Boost Fan 8,216 $75
B4Z Custom Feature Package 4,832 $195
BGR Plant Code - Bowling Green Kentucky Processing Option, (Color Coordinated Floormats?)    
C2L Dual Removable Roof Panels 6,242 $895
C49 Electric Rear Window Defogger    
C60 Air Conditioning, Manual Controls    
C68 Air Conditioning, Electronic 16,646 $150
CC2 Auxiliary Hardtop (convertible)    
CC3 Removable Roof Panel, Transparent    
CF7 Removable Roof Panel, Non-Transparent    
D3X Gear Speedometer Driven 25513049    
D4D Gear Speedometer Driven 25513047    
D4L Gear Speedometer Driven 25513050    
D74 Illuminated Driver Vanity Mirror Panels    
D7B Gear Speedometer Driven 25513042    
D7C Gear Speedometer Driven 25513045    
D84 Two-tone Paint 3,897 $428
D8I Sensor Vehicle ?    
D98 ? Sensor Asm - Speedo 25007308    
D9B Sensor Asm - Speedo 85007308    
DC8 Breakaway Side Mirrors, Europe    
DL8 Twin Remote Heated Mirrors    
E5Z Adaption Speedo Delete    
E9Z Key Speedo Delete    
F45 Selective Real Time Damping    
F51 Gas Shock Absorbers    
FE1 Base Suspension Package    
FE7 High Performance Suspension Package    
FG3 Delco-Bilstein Shock Absorbers 5,521 $189
FX3 Selective Ride and Handling    
G44 3.07 Rear Axle Ratio    
G87 8.5 Inch Ring Gear    
G92 Performance Axle Ratio 4,879 $22
GH0 3.54 Rear Axle Ratio    
GM1 2.59 Rear Axle Ratio    
GM3 3.45 Rear Axle Ratio    
GT7 3.33 Rear Axle Ratio    
GU2 2.73 Rear Axle Ratio    
IL3 Trim Interior Design Restricted to "less finish" parts only    
J55 High Performance Brake Package - 12.9 Inch Rotors    
JL9 Base Brake System, Front & Rear Disc Anti-Lock    
K05 Engine Block Heater    
K09 120 Amp Generator    
K34 Cruise Control 34,197 $185
K68 105 Amp Generator    
KB2 Cast Iron Cylinder Heads    
KC4 Engine Oil Cooler 7,394 $110
L83 5.7L V8 w/Cross Fire Injection    
L98 5.7L V8 w/Tuned Port Injection    
LT1 5.7L Gen II V8 Engine    
LT4 5.7L Gen III V8 Engine    
LT5 5.7L V8, 32-Valve Overhead Cams    
MAE Market Area Europe    
MD8 4-speed Automatic Transmission    
ML9 6-speed ZF Manual Transmission    
MM4 4-speed Manual Transmission 6,835 $0
MN6 6-speed Manual Transmission    
MX0 Transmission - Auto Provisions, Overdrive    
N84 Spare Tire Delete    
NA5 Federal Emissions System    
NB1 Federal Emissions    
NG1 New York State Emissions Package    
NK4 Sports Leather Steering Wheel    
NN5 California Emissions Package 5,697 $99
PY3 16 x 8,5" Aluminium Wheels    
QA1 17 x 9.5" Alloy Wheels    
QA2 17 x 11" Rear Wheels    
QZD P255/50VR16 Tires/16" Wheels    
QZY All Tires P255/50 ZR16    
T61 Daytime Running Lights    
T93 Lamp, Tail and Stop Special    
U04 Heavy Duty Radiator w/Transmission Cooler    
U19 Kilometers and Miles Cluster    
U1F Stereo System w/CD, Delco-Bose    
U52 Electronic Instrument Cluster    
U75 Power Antenna    
UJ6 Low Tire Pressure Warning System    
UL2 Radio, European Frequencies    
UL5 Radio Delete 166 ($256)
UM6 AM/FM Stereo System w/Cassette 2,039 $122
UN8 AM/FM Stereo System w/Citizens Band    
UQ4 Delco Bose 4 Speaker System    
UU8 AM/FM Stereo System, Delco-Bose 32,478 $895
UXO Delco Bose 6 Speaker System    
V01 Heavy Duty Radiator 10,423 $40
V08 Heavy Duty Cooling    
V56 Luggage Rack (convertible)    
V73 Statement of Vehicle Certification US or Canada    
VC5 Ship Lbl Non    
VG8 Vehicle Label, Notice to Byer    
WY5 Extended Mobility Tires    
X05 Sales Processing Option 14    
XAU Tire Front 275/40 ZR17/n r/pe st tl hw4 (9591413)    
YAU Tire Rear 275/40 ZR17/n r/pe st tl hw4 (9591413)    
YBE Tire Rear 315/35 ZR17    
YF5 California Emissions Package    
YF5 California Emissions Package (94)    
Z01 35th Anniversary Package    
Z07 Adjustable Performance Handling Package    
Z15 Collectors Edition    
Z16 Grand Sport Package    
Z25 40th Anniversary Package    
Z31 Advance Price Sheet    
Z49 Export, Canadian Modif Mandatory Base Equipment    
Z4Z Indy Pace Car Replica    
Z51 Performance Handling Package 12,821 $470
Z52 Sport Handling Package    
Z6A Defogger System, Rear Window & Outside Mirrors 21,387 $165